Borrower Onboarding

While NAOS is industry agnostic, we’re currently focusing on assets with fixed principal value without the need for periodic appraisal.

Examples of the assets are supply chain financing, corporate loans, receivable, debt obligations. We do have plans to finance real estate, inventory, manufacturing, and equipment at a later time.

A Borrower interested in launching a pool on NAOS is required to submit a loan proposal on NAOS Governance Forum, presenting the loan terms, borrower/asset description and other relevant information to the NAOS community.

Once the proposal is submitted, the borrower has 14 days to engage the community and answer questions. The community will conduct an initiate vote after 14 days, proposal approved by a majority vote will proceed to auditor assessment.

During the auditing process, detailed financial and operating data are assessed. Additional information may be requested, and multiple due diligence calls may be requested. All borrowers will be assigned with credit scores and the findings will be presented to the community for another vote.

Borrowers passed 2nd community vote and approved by independent council will enter legally binding agreements.

Once completed, the borrowing pools will be scheduled to launch.

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